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C2000 Measurement

C2000 Closeup

C2000 Hexapod

Hexapod Rendering

C2000 Hexapod

C 2000

The C2000 is a Coordinate Measuring Machine based on our Hexapod configuration.

The measuring probe, mounted on the platform, is manually driven by an operator to make contact with the part to be measured. During this operation our software keeps track of the hexapods six linear length sensors and then a tool path is extrapolated.

Specifically, the length of each sensor changes continuously as the platform is being driven. Our proprietary C2000 software makes use of this data to calculate the Cartesian position and directional vector of the probe. The resulting data can be used to create custom tool paths for operations such as flash removal. Current applications are utilizing this device in conjunction with our water jet cutting technology. It is also being used in conventional types of material removal where each part requires a custom path.



Footprint 68" x 40" 1727.2 mm x 1016 mm
Height 80" 2032 mm
Robot Weight 200 lbs 91 Kg
Table 14.4" Dia. 365 mm Dia.
 Working Volume
X,Y 13.8" Dia. 350 mm Dia.
Z 13.8" 350 mm
A,B Axis +/- 10 Degrees  
C Axis +/- 10 Degrees  
Repeatability 50 microns  

C2000 in action.

The below video is footage of a C2000 in action. Initially, the video just demonstrates some basic motions, measuring a 1, 2, 3 block and checking a pre-cut part. Finally, it ends by demonstrating the measurment of a cast aluminum part. From this measurement you can develop a path file to be used for cleanup, parting line removal, final machining, verification, etc. The software shows both a live position of the C2000 and a record of the points you have taken.