P 2000 Testing Oil Pipe

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Deep Flex Custom Hexapod


  DeepFlex has created an extremely flexible composite pipe for subsea gas and oil applications. In order to test this new product to see how well it can withstand the rigors of a deepsea installation the UPT was created. The UPT (Universal Pipe Tester) is based around a P2000 unit and provides a Multi-Axis Pipe Fatigue Test.

  This tests the dynamic fatigue properties of pipe sections and assemblies. This new test rig design is capable of subjecting pipe assemblies to multi-axis static and dynamic loading using a fully programmable robot to move one end of a cantilevered pipe sample. It is also designed to apply pre-programmed combinations of multi-plane bending, tensile, or compressive axial loads and torsion to the pipe under ambient, elevated, or varying temperatures and pressures.