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Flash Removal from a cast part with a P2000

Hexapod Industrial
The original P2000 cutting Aluminum

Industrial Applications:

Industrial applications can cover a wide range of uses but they all have one thing in common: Motion From simply picking up a part here and depositing it there, to micro-positioning, if a part needs to move a Mikrolar product can do it.

It is common to use our products both in assembly lines and as stand alone applications. With other conventional robots, adjustments to these stations often requires shutting down the entire line to re-tool for a different part to be done. With the flexibility of a Parallel Mechanism your tooling might never need to be moved again.

With our 6-Degrees-of-Freedom products, we can handle any motion that your application requires. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

Imagine an operation where, when a new part is presented into the station, your motion platform can align each part individually. With the addition of a vision system, adjustments can also be made in real time, without operator input, for inconsistencies in part manufacture or misalignment due to fixturing. With part identification there would not even need to be any order to the parts coming in. The system itself identifies the part and performs the appropriate operation.

Literally, any type of industrial application is possible, from large automotive transfer lines to high speed welding, laser or mirror adjustments even part sorting or pick and place. The ability to customize for particular applications allows for a variety of configurations. See the specifications page for more details on how to spec your idea.

Recently, we needed a Moving Platform with a center hole in it to mount a cutting spindle. We thought it would be cool to assemble the Hexapod and then put it under a Bridgeport spindle and have it make its own modifications. Essentially, this is a robot creating itself. To a company full of nerds, we thought this was pretty cool.