P2100 with 7th axis

The latest P2100 for U at Buffalo


The 1st P2100 assembled

P2100 Hexapod

The P2100 is a six degree of freedom, servo driven parallel link robot designed for use in a variety of manufacturing, biomedical and automated assembly processes.

Specifically, it is designed for applications where rigidity, repeatability and accuracy are required.

With a much larger range of motion than the P1000, the P2100 can easily be applied to applications needing a longer reach.

Whether mounted under or over the operation the P2100 provides the speed and dexterity of a conventional robot with the stiffness and accuracy of a machine tool.



Footprint 42" x 48" 1067 mm x 1219 mm
Height 44" 1117.6 mm
Net Weight 1000 lbs 450 kg
Table 28" Dia. 711 mm Dia.
 Electrical Cabinet
Footprint 48" x 36" x 12" 1219.2mm x 914.4mm x 304.8mm
Net Weight 300 lbs 136 kg
Power Requirement 230 V 100 amps 3-phase  
 Working Volume
X,Y,Z See Diagram Below  
A,B Axis ± 25 Degrees  
Accuracy ± .003" ± 75 microns
Repeatability .001" 25 microns
Feed Rate X, Y 60"/sec 1000 mm/sec
Feed Rate Z 11.8"/sec 300 mm/sec
Table Capacity 441 lbs 200 kg