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WaterJet Hexapod P3000 - Hex-A-Jet

WaterJet Hexapod

P3000 Hexapod

The P3000 is the latest 6-axis product offering from Mikrolar. Based on the P Series concept, the system is larger than the P1000 and P2000 models. Utilizing this extended range of motion the P3000 can easily be applied to applications that require a larger working envelope.

Our first application for this new product is the "Hex-A-Jet," a revolutionary Water Jet Cutting system.

By utilizing the 6-degree-of-freedom features offered by a parallel mechanism, the Hex-A-Jet can greatly increase its accuracy by compensating for the natural taper of the Water Jet Nozzle. Along with increasing the accuracy of a normal system, the P3000 will also allow for true 5-axis cutting and open the door for many new applications for water jet cutting technology.



Footprint 60" x 60" 1524 mm x 1524 mm
Height 40" 1000 mm
Net Weight (Robot Only) 1000 lbs 450 kg
Table 28" Dia. 711 mm Dia.
 Electrical Cabinet
Footprint 48" x 36" x 12" 1219.2mm x 914.4mm x 304.8mm
Net Weight 300 lbs 136 kg
Power Requirement 230 V 100 amps 3-phase  
 Working Volume
X,Y 48" Dia. 1,219 mm Dia.
Z 2" (8" of non-working travel) 50.8cm (203.2cm of non-working travel)
A,B Axis ± 15 Degrees  
C Axis ± 5 Degrees  
Accuracy ± .002" ± .05 mm
Repeatability .001" .03 mm
Feed Rate X, Y, Z 100"/min. 2,540 mm/min.
Table Capacity 200 lbs 91 kg