Rotopod Virtual Driving Simulator

Mikrolar's R3000

Flight Sim Sphere R&D

Flight Sim Sphere R&D

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Simulation Applications:

Mikrolar has developed a radical new approach to Flight and Driving Sim Technology. A patented and innovative servo based solution for new applications and markets in the simulation industry. The precision and rigidity of our robots make them perfect for simulation applications. Whether for entertainment or something more serious such as a flight simulator, we can customize our systems to fit your application. We are currently working to develop an incredibly immersive system that can be used for flight or driving simulation, motion gaming, driving tests, heavy equipment training, etc. As can be seen in these images, we have mounted a cockpit and controls to the platform of a Rotopod. Our core software is able to interface with any software package (serious or entertainment) to provide realistic motion and greatly enhancing the experience. This visuals can be as simple as an LCD screen mounted to the Rotopod or as complex as a full 360° dome which completely surrounds you and immerses you into the graphics and the enviornment.

The R - Series: Flight Simulator

An innovative new device in flight simulation, the R-Series Flight Simulator offers what no other company brings to the industry’s portfolio of simulation solutions. Available in two models, R2000 and R3000, this simulator is purpose-built to address a lower profile, lower cost and enhanced angular tilt capability for training requirements on commercial narrow-body platforms and business aircraft. The R-Series is also an ideal solution for third-party training, or development of amusement simulations such as gaming or racing platforms. Its low cost and small working footprint are intended make flight simulation available to a larger cadre of customers and ultimately to address the worldwide shortage of pilots.

Taking its place within Mikrolar ’s comprehensive robotic product line, the R-Series Simulators will provide the true innovation and step ahead for our customers that are looking to set themselves apart from their competition. This benefit is in line with the originality and high quality consistent in all of Mikrolar ’s products. As with all of Mikrolar ’s offerings, the company will also custom design a training experience unique to its customer’s requirements and provide our usual exemplary customer service.

Hexapod Flight Sim Testing

The benefits of choosing the R-Series include: