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P3000 waterjet

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P3000 cutting laminate

WaterJet Hexapod Hex-A-Jet P3000

Water Jet Hexapod System

5 Axis Water-Jet Cutting Systems:

Mikrolar has also addressed a signifigant issue in the manufacturing arena and as a result has developed a patented 6 degree-of-freedom system for rapid measuring, programming and water jet cutting of complicated or irregular parts.

Our innovative servo based, 6-axis solution for water jet cutting is capable of taking a part, measuring it, programming it automatically and then cutting it. Resulting in a custom 5-axis program for each part at high production rates. In the past, waterjet applications have mostly been 3-axis, (X, Y and Z) and have limited the number of available parts that could be cut with a waterjet, even if using water would be better, faster and cheaper. Multi-Axis surfaces, tapered edges or accurate non-tapered edges, casting flash removal and many other parts can now be completed using a waterjet machine.

The P-Series: Water Jet Cutting

When used in conjunction with Mikrolar's C2000 measuring system, the P-Series Water Jet System offers what no other company brings to the industry's portfolio of water jet solutions. Available in two models, P2000 and P3000, this device is purpose-built to allow an operator to measure each individual part and then transfer that part directly to the water jet system for rapid material removal unheard of in the industry. The inherent design of the hexapod, along with the straightforward construction, contributes to exceptional mechanical ruggedness. The hexapod is easily guarded against mechanical contamination as well as maintaining operator safety. The modular construction also provides a high degree of flexibility. Integrating probes, vision systems, rotary tables, hoists, pick and place units, etc. into these processes is easily accomplished to apply to your needs.

The P-Series system is also an ideal solution for normal part programming. Its low cost and small working footprint is intended to make multi-axis water jet cutting available to a larger cadre of customers and ultimately to address the worldwide demand for this technology to irregular parts. The P-Series Water Jet Systems provide the true innovation and step ahead for our customers looking to set themselves apart from their competition. This benefit is in line with the originality and high quality consistent in all of Mikrolar's products.

As with all of Mikrolar's offerings, a custom designed training experience that is unique to the customer's requirements is developed and executed at installation.